How to fix 99% failed on IDM

IDM is a download program that has the advantage of being able to resume / resume the download process if the download process stops or damage occurs.

Here I will share how to overcome IDM 99%, why is there IDM 99% ??
The answer is when we download it every bit (in programming language) which consists of 0 and 1, from server to client. If there are damaged bits, the download process will stop, here is the problem when downloading, there should be an error but IDM continues the download process so that the process of IDM finally does not want to finish in the process.

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But take it easy, here I will share how to deal with IDM 99%:

  1. Pause the IDM
  2. On the IDM toolbar, click download, then options
  3. After you click options, a menu will appear again. Click Save To and look for the “Temporary Directory” text. Copy the address. For example, C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Roaming \ IDM \ Download
  4. Click Start on your desktop, paste the address in search
  5. A new window will appear and open the folder
  6. There, you will see a lot of files, these are the files that have not been finished downloaded by IDM
  7. Search for the folder of your failed file. (For example, you download the file name 5ef388c5024d2564e5c880f9ec0751_156 and the size is 400MB)
  8. Once open, you will see several files (usually from one of these files is complete. Example 5ef388c5024d2564e5c880f9ec0751_156 400MB)
  9. Create a new folder and copy-paste the file (which is 400MB) and the folder cat-paste it to the desktop
  10. Now now by using the HJ-Split software you divide the file into 2 parts with the extension “File Universal Extractor” download HJ-Split here is free !!
  11. Open HJ-Split and click SPLIT, input the file earlier and split file size (for example a large 400 MB file, then the file size is 200 MB), last click Star, wait until the process is complete …
    then for Notepad, type “copy / b * .0 ?? movie.mkv” (without quotes)
  12. Save in the file folder with the file name up to you, and change the extension to * .bat, for example “JoinFilm.bat”, so that the file changes to the * .bat extension, use the double quotes in the storage confirmation window
    2x click on the * .bat file, the Command Prompt will appear
  13. Wait until it’s finished merging (until the Command Prompt disappears by itself) and enjoy your movie.

The same method can be used for * .rmvb * .flv and other file extensions by changing the extension from .mkv to .rmvb
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